Indonesia’s B2B Export Startup Lends Helping Hand to SMEs

An e-commerce platform focusing on business-to-business export deals has dedicated much of its works to help Indonesian small and medium enterprises reach global audience.

While a vast majority of Indonesian businesses are SMEs, few have managed to secure overseas customers.


Most recently, the company assisted a small company in the Central Java capital of Semarang to secure pineapple supply deal with a wholesaler in the United Arab Emirates and even facilitated the maiden shipment. The company’s research team has identified commodities Indonesia may have advantage over other suppliers and certain markets which are more likely to buy them. For example, Middle East countries have a strong demand for Indonesian agro commodities and fresh food, the UK has been long known as key importer of Indonesian spices, tea and coffee, while Western Africa intends to buy Indonesian packed food and beverages.

The company has received support from the Cooperatives and SME Ministry and is currently in talks with the Trade Ministry to deepen cooperation with the government, which is struggling to boost international trade surpluses. Founded last year, the company aims to bring more than 100,000 Indonesian companies with over 1million products to its platform to conduct cross-border and domestic trading “in a trusted and transparent environment” by 2025, Bhat said.


Source: JakartaGlobe

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June 07, 2021